How to Choose the Best Professional Moving Service

From boxing up the belongings to dealing with the moving chaos, from unpacking the boxes to the relocating to a new city, the last thing you need a group of people who could collectively do the job and move your home from one place to another place.

Finding and hiring the best company in the niche is one of the most critical decisions you need to take on the big day.

There are some steps you can take to avoid the disaster while hiring a mover.

How to Choose the Best packing moving company in Dubai?


Before you hire any professional mover, you need to make a checklist, the qualities, and features which are most important for you. Like, distance what you have to travel to a specific location, or consider how much stuff you are going to relocate.

And also have a close eye on the experience, positive reviews, insurance for the goods and full value protection.

Make a list of top 3 companies:

Make a list of the companies which are best in features what you are looking for.

  • Do not settle for the first estimate you receive.
  • At least ask three different companies to give you an estimate.
  • No company will give you an estimate without of seeing your stuff.
  • Use different platforms to find your mover:

There are many places to find a mover- but the internet will be the top among them.

If you could use a simple search on Google, you will find hundreds of results.

But, you need to narrow down the results like instead of writing “best movers companies” to “best movers companies in U.A.E” you will get few results.

But, you cannot rely directly on those websites or movers; instead get the suggestions about those movers which you have found on the internet from your friend or someone to whom you trust.

Get a suggestion from friends and neighbors:

Word-of-mouth is a great way to discover the top notch in the field.

Do not hesitate to reach out your friends, colleagues, neighbors for suggestions.

Most people are happy to share their good and bad experiences.

If you do not have any friend or neighbor who could give you suggestion, then search on Social media will be the right option.

Post in some groups to get the reviews of the company with which you are going to do a business, most of the people give honest reviews related to a query.

Convince the movers to pay you a visit:

Before hiring a company you need to make it sure either the company is legit or not.

So, convince them to pay you a visit to see the belongings- most of the time, the companies which do not visit or see the belongings are fake.

Get a quote from them, after they inspect the belongings (get the estimate quoted in writing with all possible costs)

The people should be experienced:

Experienced and professional people or company is the most important factor when you get them hired.

Check either they have brick-and-motor office and professional working trucks.

Do they have a website or business cards?

Do they arrive on time, and answer all questions related to packing, loading, moving and unpacking?


The most important factor, undoubtedly, the costs (Do not overlook other features and benefits).

You might have heard “quality does not come cheap, for professional and quality movers you have to pay them according to their services.

But, the highest price tag does not mean being the best choice.

Find out about their experience, services and consider other aspects other than price.

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