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Home Appliances Buyers In Dubai

Home Appliances

Home Appliances Buyers In Dubai

Used Home Appliances Buyers In Dubai

We are the best used home appliances buyers in Dubai. Please call me if you want to sale used bedroom set, used dining tables, used leather sofa set, used fabric sofa set, used home appliances, like used refrigerators, used washing machines, used air conditioners, used electric cookers, used gas cookers, lcd led 3d tvs.

  • Fridge/Freezer
  • Air Conditioner
  • Washing machine (With drawer and without drawer)
  • Electric cooker
  • LED/LCD/3D Smart TV/ home Theater System/ Plasma TV
  • Microwave oven
  • Five burner/ Four Burner
  • All other electronics in bulk quantity
  • We are also deal used electronic Appliances in all over in Dubai. We deal in
    • USED Fridges/refrigerators
    • Used washers dryers 
    • used dishwashers Siemens, bosh, LG, Samsung
    • Used cookers gas and electric 
    • Used bed sets/Bedroom sets
    • Used dining tables/ Dinning Sets
Home Appliances

Used Furniture Buyers In Dubai

We are the best used furniture buyers in Dubai. We buy used catering equipment, office and household furniture. If your old furniture remains during fitness, we could pip out of you. We buy used office equipment, catering equipment, household furniture etc. So if you’re brooding about getting obviate your used furniture, contact US.

We can collect the furniture at the time which is convenient for you, load it on our trucks, and dispose it with the accordance to the govt regulations associated with the waste disposal, or re-use if it’s still during fitness.So if you think that that your old, used furniture remains worth something, call us as we may provide you with money for it.

Second Hand Furniture Buyers in Dubai
We have a good range of second-hand furniture available at our shop and in our warehouse. From wardrobes to cabinets, to bed frames, to dressing tables, to chairs, to stalls. New stock is brought into the shop hebdomadally so there’s always something new and unique to get.

By: Naveed Jatoi
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Naveed Jatoi


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